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Beholder Series #1 Assorted Veneers


What you see cannot be seen by others, identically. This is number 1 in a series of graphics that will entertain this idea. Feel free to grab a sharpie and utilize the blank space on this graphic for what you imagine this figure is captivated by.

Assorted Veneer Stains on top and bottom to be chosen at random during packaging: Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Black, Brown, Red, Gray, Purple

Three shapes to choose from -

Rounded full shape (slightly tapered tail, wider nose...medium concave)
Traditional popsicle shape ( tapered at both ends...a little more concave...not steep) New Classic (a shaped board that widens from center to the trucks, squareish)

"The map is not the territory" - Alfred Korzybski

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