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Prophet Series - Assorted Veneers


Artist Michael Ray Marks lends one of his most sought after art pieces to the Test Skateboarding collection; specifically laid out for you to enjoy as a wall hanger or enjoy/destroy!!! while you get your shred on.

Skate and Save this work of art by purchasing some Curb Dog Rails from us!

Not a bad idea!

This is our Our first multi-color full board graphic!

Hand printed horizontal Test logo on the top ply!

7 ply maple

Assorted veneers

Carolina Pop!

Assorted veneers are chosen at the time of packaging your board.

Colors are light Wood grain, Red, yellow, Orange, Blue, Pink, Green, Purple and dark s shade wood tones.

NOTE: Squared Full Shapes will have a stamp on the top ply to indicate where the TAIL is on the board. We generally have our indicators on the nose, but not on the Squared Full shape. Keep this in mind when assembling the Square Full Shape.

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