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Reserve Series #1: Apex - Pink and Eldorado Rounded Full Shape 7 Ply Maple


So, what is the RESERVE Series?

In short: it is an extremely limited run of boards with limited addition art applied to the board by the TEST team in Greenville, SC.

Due to board shortages and limited quantities from woodsheds, we will order what we can and do an "OUT OF THE BLUE" promotion of the SIZE AND SHAPE ONLY on social media platforms.

The Graphic remains a surprise till the day we announce the run of boards is complete.

If you are following us on social media and are paying attention to our updates, you will have the chance to reserve a board without payment, via a direct message.

When the board is ready you will be contacted for payment.

If you choose to no longer reserve your board, we will list the board as available for sale on social media platforms and the TEST website for the next individual needing to replace that crusty plank they have been riding soggy and busted for far too long.